Week 12 Summary

This week we did three daily creates which can be found on my Mastodon here. I always like the poetry prompts since it is not something I do often, but this week we wrote a nonet, which I enjoyed trying! One of the prompts was also coming up with hypothetical alternative quotes from books, but the example they used was from The Great Gatsby, so I felt like I couldn’t use that book unfortunately. The symbolism in that book is incredible and it’s one of my favorite books, so that was slightly disappointing.

We also made our videos this week! This is what I came up with, which I think is pretty in line with my video plan from last week. Video editing is not my strength, so this took some time to figure out, but I love the idea of a silhouette interview. I decided to make this a follow up to my group’s radio show since it was a great starting point for a video with someone (sort of) talking about something. I looked back through our script to decide what to include and decided on some talking points which you can see here! Adding some eerie audio to the background also brings a sense of post-apocalypse and shady things going on which is what I was trying to portray. Let me know what you think of the video!


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  1. The backing track was a nice touch. It might have been interesting to include clips, captions, or images to illustrate what he’s saying. The hidden identity works well, but some sort of opening to give it context might have helped. It could be presented as a 60 Minutes whistleblower interview, for example.

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