Week 10 Summary

This week, the main task was to complete the radio show project. You can check mine out here. We took the time this week to finalize and record our lines for the show. After splicing it all together with our bumpers and commercials, we got it all finished up!

I also discussed the radio show a bit more in this article.

I completed 2 daily creates, which can be found here. For the first one, I changed the title of “To Kill a Mockingbird” to make it much less culturally significant. I’m sure many middle school classes would not read “To Bill a Mockingbird”. For the next one, I discussed my least favorite chore of taking the trash out and described how I play a game of PIG with myself and try to make the trash into the trash can from far away.

I’m very happy with the outcome of our radio show and thankful for the effort my groupmates put in! Hopefully that effort shines through in the final product!


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