Public Service Announcement

This public service announcement warns the audience of Aggressive Technologies’ plan to dominate every market, especially literature. It encourages push back against this corporation to preserve the world with creativity in it. This is the position my character would agree with and this could also show that there is a significant group of people who feel this way and provides some opposition/ obstacles for Aggressive Technologies.

I recorded myself saying the PSA after coming up with a short script. I was going to use an AI text to speech, but that felt wrong for this type of PSA, so I opted for my own, human, voice.

I searched on for an ominous sound for the background and settled on one that builds suspense and adds an eerie aspect to the PSA. It feels very dystopian, which is what I was going for.

Using my new knowledge of Audacity I was able to put this together with more ease than I otherwise would have been able to.


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