Video Plan

My video plan will build off of my radio show. I want to find a video of one of the shadowy, ominous figures that usually has the deep voiceover, but make it my character discussing things about Aggressive Technology.

On the radio show, my character was interviewing and trying to expose AT employees, so I will do more of a deep dive into the points brought up by the employees. My character will spend time discussing in depth certain points like:

  • The use of surveillance technology in public
  • Carter, who has been jailed for several years and claims to be set up by AT
  • The true depth of AT’s data
  • AT’s lobbying effort
  • How “safe” everyone’s data is
  • The “enlightened council”
  • The 100% accuracy of identification technology
  • Bank account information being stolen
  • The “Aggressor family”
  • How AT technology improves peoples lives
  • The “transparency” of AT

I’m excited to fully write the script and get to editing the video for it! Hopefully, I can discuss with my group and see if they have any ideas for other things I can talk about too!


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