Radio Show Listening Experience

I listened to Logic Pod this week. I loved the different voices used – especially the host. The quieter voice also added a sense of eeriness to the podcast, which added to the ominous aspect of AI. It was almost a whisper which makes it seem like maybe he shouldn’t be talking about what he was…

The idea for this radio show was super cool and I would love to see what my character would have said to try to rebut what was said on the podcast. My character has a starkly different view on AI and what its role should be moving forward.

The idea of AI sovereignty is a scary, dystopian idea, but I loved how they discussed it on the podcast! I like how Kevin was trying to shift the focus of AI from weapons to helping people but the host seemed to keep pushing for the weaponization/ aggression of AI.

The bumpers and commercials in between were placed well and fit very well into the flow of the podcast. The audio in the ads was also similar to what was in my commercial/ bumper, which I thought was interesting since we landed on related vibes for the ads and commercials despite different angles on AI.


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