Design and PSA Reactions

The first PSA I wanted my character to react to was by Destiny. I found this one interesting since it takes a conflicting viewpoint from what my character would believe. My character is trying to encourage people to be wary of the dangers of Aggressive Technologies and not let them take over the markets. I think Düşünür would strongly disagree with this message and would encourage others not to think this way and instead encourage others not to join Aggressive Technologies.

The next PSA I wanted my character to react to was posted on here and there it’s everything. This PSA is suggesting the public be okay with constant surveillance by Aggressive Technologies because it would lead to greater safety for society. Düşünür would disagree with this PSA and suggest that it is best to never allow this level of surveillance. He would be shocked that others would be so willing to let them invade the personal privacy of the citizens.

The last PSA I considered was posted on cat on a moped. This PSA is about the creation of a fully AI-operated moped by Dr. Ravioli. I think this would scare Düşünür because this is yet another way AI is taking over every market. It seems like a harmless invention, but demonstrates how wide of a net Aggressive Technologies casts and how much influence they really have.


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