Week Three Summary

The first assignment this week was to give our reaction to the design videos. I enjoyed watching these and learning about something I really did not know much about before. You can read more of my thoughts here. It was super cool to see how the title design of one of my favorite shows was made!

The next assignment was the photoblitz, which you can see here! This assignment really brought me back to my high school days when I was taking photography classes and doing things like this all the time. I struggled to think of how I was going to approach this, but decided the best way is to just go for it and hopped in my car to go find the first subject. I think just going for it is always a good way to approach creative assignments like this.

The third assignment was demystifying AI and 2 visual or design assignments from the assignment bank. You can find my demystifying AI here and my other two assignments here and here. I really enjoyed these and relied on AI photo generators, which are my new favorite tool. My dad has always had fun using AI photo generators and now I understand why! It really is a fun tool to play around with and try to get a desired result. I ended up with photos I was proud of after submitting a few different prompts.

I also did three daily creates which are found here, here, and here. These are super fun to get a daily dose of creativity in! I had a great time doing these ones, and honestly liked them all better the most of the daily creates from last week.

I commented on a few classmates posts, but some did not seem to go through and the screen popped up with some code and some red text which I interpret to be not a great sign. I will continue to comment and hope that they do go through and my classmates can see them!

I had a good third week and got some extra rest with the issues in Monroe Hall cancelling some classes. Hopefully I can continue to use my creativity throughout this course and keep learning more about AI and design tools!


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