Week One Summary

Entering the back half of my junior year at Mary Washington, I felt pretty comfortable and prepared to head back to school. However, I also knew I was going into classes unlike most of my previous ones. DS106 is, from just the first week, a very different class than I am used to. I had some trouble initially understanding how to set up a domain and create blog posts, but was able to navigate the issues through several help pages linked on the course website. I have never had to do something like that before, so of course it was a learning experience for me. I feel much more confident finding my way around the various websites and communications streams associated with this course now despite initial struggles.

After completing the film review and goals for the course, I felt much more capable of figuring out this course as I go along. It was challenging at first, but as long as I keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone and learning, I will keep improving areas that I do not have experience in. Ultimately, I hope to keep improving my understanding of digital media throughout this course and I think the first week has provided a solid foundation and given me confidence that I can figure each assignment out.

I have really enjoyed learning new things about website design, although I have yet to fully personalize and make my domain into something I am proud of. I’m sure there is a lot more learning to be done about how to properly set up the website and make it accessible, but I am excited to face those challenges and work around them as best as I can!


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