Week 8 Summary

This week there were four tasks assigned to us, two of which I’ll reflect on here!

The first one was to pitch an AI tool to Aggressive Technologies for them to acquire. I chose NightCafe to pitch since it is an AI tool I have become much more familiar with recently. I explored more about this tool and decided to pitch based on the potential profits and the user-friendly design. I figured it would be most beneficial to sell someone on the best qualities that will keep people coming back to use it and make the most money for the site. I encourage you to check it out and generate some images for yourself.

The next assignment was three daily creates this week. You can see mine on my Mastodon page. The first one I did this week gave me the opportunity to use an interesting art tool that I had not used before. My favorite part about this daily create was seeing everyone else’s art they created and how different it was from my own. The second daily create was asking about addictions people had, which was interesting to read through. The last one was adding a modern appliance into an old image or photo. I decided to look up one of my favorite photos and see what would work best in the context and decided to add an apple watch to it. Go check it out and let me know if you know this image and see what is out of place.


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