Week 7 Summary

The first assignment this week was to create propaganda. I created and discussed my process here. I enjoyed this assignment and thought it was interesting that not many other people seemed to create anti-Aggressive Technologies propaganda. It appears that most of the characters are on board with Aggressive Technologies and their plan to take over the world.

The next assignment was creating a PSA, which I did and reflected on here. Give it a listen and see if you agree with the announcement! I like the idea that there are some people trying to stop Aggressive Technologies but definitely a minority imposing the resistance.

We also had to do three daily creates this week, which I wrote about here. I appreciate the daily creates where we can use art generators or other websites of that nature to create something. There were two that I did like that this week, so let me know what you think!

I also looked at some of the PSAs my classmates made and, like I mentioned, was surprised they were pro-Aggressive Technologies/ AI for the most part. You can read my further analysis of the three PSAs I saw here. Hopefully Düşünür is able to contribute to the resistance and persuade more characters to join him!


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