Week 6 Summary

This week, we had a choice between talking to Dr. Oblivion and doing three video assignments. I decided on the video assignments and incorporated my character, Düşünür, into two of them. I decided to do these assignments since I’d rather do three smaller assignments than trying to figure out how to do a more complicated one that is not exactly in my realm of expertise.

The assignments I did were Watching Movies With the Stereo On, Make a Video Poem, and Tell Your Character’s Story. You can check them all out and let me know what you think! The process for each of these was relatively similar. I used iMovie for all of them since it is easy (even for me) to add video or images with an audio background. For the first one, I put the song Vertigo by Khalid over a scene from Asteroid City. I wanted to add a song that was uplifting and almost had an aura of enlightenment to it. I felt that Vertigo fit this description and gave it an interesting, yet different, vibe compared to the original. For the video poem, I decided to pick up a book of poetry I bought a couple months ago and thumb through until I found a poem that I felt encapsulated my character’s relatively solitary life. The poem I chose compares solitude and loneliness, which I think paints an apt description of what I imagine my character often ponder. Let me know if you think the poem and the images go well together. I am very pleased with the result. The character’s story was a fun assignment to do since I remembered one of the concrete facts about my character is that he has three dogs. I wanted to give the dogs a backstory just as much as the character itself! This is much more lighthearted than the other ones, but I am proud of how I put everything together and also happened to learn a lot more about iMovie and video editing from these rather simple assignments. I would love to hear some feedback on these videos and hear what you think works or doesn’t work within them!

We also developed our characters in relation to Aggressive Technologies. I wanted to take a unique approach to connecting Düşünür to the company. I decided to make him a former employee who no longer agrees with the vision of the company. I think this lends him to some interesting ties with other characters that can be further developed in the future!

The daily creates this week were fun and you can check them out here and here! I always enjoy doing these and figuring out how to go about responding to them. For the first one I did this week, I decided to visit our old friend freesounds. I looked for some upbeat parade music which I found! I loved picturing each parade sound with the picture and seeing what fit best in my mind. I posted the sound I felt most connected with the image! The next one was thinking about Justin Trudeau shaking the hand of a robot. I could have made it more political, but I have enough of that in my political science classes so I made it more of a humans versus robots type of agreement. Check out the posts and let me know what you think about the parade music and Trudeau saving the human race!


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