Radio Show Ideas

For a radio show revolving around our characters and AI, I came up with a few ideas.

The first one is to connect with a few other students and introduce our characters and hypothesize about how they might interact. We could then give AI a description of our characters and ask it how it thinks they would interact!

Another idea is to ask AI to give us a few settings for us to decide how our characters would act if placed in those specific settings alone or with the other characters too.

I am not too sure, but I like the idea of having AI give us something to think about in regards to our characters.


One response to “Radio Show Ideas”

  1. That would be a good use of an AI app – to generate ideas to build upon. My experience with ChatGPT is it comes up with the most obvious things, but from there I can see connections it missed or holes it left. Dr. Oblivion, with his split personality, might give you some interesting input.

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