This project was a nostalgic one for me since I took photography classes in high school and had many similar assignments. I always enjoy photography assignments since it makes you look at the world in a different way, especially if you are trying to remember where you saw something that is required (like construction in my photoblitz, for example).

My first step in this process was to hop in my car and go find some construction. I was thinking about the closest place there would be construction and there is always construction on campus, so that’s where I went. However, on my way there I saw a house in my neighborhood with some construction!

Finding that one quickly helped speed up the process. Next up: a fence or a wall. So I set out for the Battleground Athletic complex with a brick wall in mind.

Perfect – the wall was right where I left it! So far so good and I get to turn my attention towards something green. Being already surrounded by trees made it pretty easy, so I pointed the camera up.

Keeping it quick and easy so far. Next up was wheels, which I had a feeling would still be on my car once I got home, so I figured I’d wait on that one. I was headed downtown to take a picture of a new very large, very white apartment complex to emphasize white, but I hit a red light on the way and realized that a red light is quite emphasized, especially for anyone who drives.

I got home and decided to snap the photo of my wheels.

Still going smooth, but only about 5 minutes to go!

Next up is something growing, which I figured would be simple since I have (probably too many) plants in my room. I picked my favorite one and snapped a photo!

Finally, had to find an interesting fabric in the house, so I chose a banner we have hanging in our basement with an interesting texture.

Got it just in time!

Perfect 20 minutes! I loved doing this assignment and taking just 20 minutes to look at the world in a slightly different way.


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