Moon Graffiti

The first minute of “Moon Graffiti” was brilliant and made me think it was going to be a short sci-fi audio story. Once the context was provided for the basis of the story, I found this idea fascinating. Like the hosts pointed out, I never even considered the possibility of the moon landing not succeeding and the president having to give a speech afterwards.

It may seem odd, but I recently went to a concert where the theme was interdimensional space travel. The band would have audio clips between sets with very similar space noises to “Moon Graffiti”. I did not realize it then, but those soundbites really put everyone in the venue in a collective “dream state” that Jad Abumrad was discussing in the YouTube video.

Sound is critical to any story whether it’s a podcast, movie, or concert. Oftentimes, certain sounds are very recognizable, giving the listener a clear picture of the story’s setting. However, certain sounds also have the ability to bring people to places they’ve never been, like the moon. Most likely, anyone listening to the podcast has never been to the moon or to space, but the sounds are commonly used in movies taking place in space and sound like what we would expect this place we’ve never been to to sound like.

Not only are there beeps and boops that give the listener an idea of the setting, but also sounds meant to elicit specific emotions. The increasing volume of sounds used to build suspense comes to mind from the podcast. The eeriness of the scene is also emphasized by certain sounds frequently used in space-themed movies.


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