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Meet the Robinsons is a movie that I watched several times growing up, but watching it again focusing on the AI aspect gave it a different feel. The film centers around Lewis, a 12-year-old orphan who is an ambitious inventor. He invents a memory scanner to try to find his birth mother and brings it to his school’s science fair. Going to the science fair, Lewis meets Wilbur, a 13-year-old claiming he is from the future and attempting to recover a time machine taken by someone wearing a bowler hat. The scanner does not work when he tries to demonstrate it because the antagonist, Bowler Hat Guy sabotaged it and ends up stealing it. Lewis and Wilbur go on a time-travel adventure avoiding Bowler Hat Guy and Lewis ends up finding out more about his family in the process.

Time travel is a significant component of the movie, with the usual issues of trying not to disrupt the timeline too drastically. Since the movie has a dystopian feel to it, it can serve as a warning about AI and the growth of technology in the future. The main purpose of the film is not to focus on AI, but it is a key component of the futuristic world portrayed in the movie.

Recently, it has seemed like a lot of TV series and movies incorporate AI in a way that makes people fearful of it. Watching the movie before, I did not realize how much AI can make people concerned about the future of technology. However, since AI has become much more advanced recently, it has led to a growing fear of the potential capabilities of that technology. Rewatching the movie now really made it clear how much the perception of AI has changed over the past few years and the things that stood out to me this time are so different that what stood out in the past.

After discussing with Dr. Oblivion, here is what else I wanted to add:

AI plays a prominent role in the movie and warns of the harms of technology. Dr. Oblivion also pointed out that very intelligent AI can sometimes make mistakes, which I had not picked up on as a potential lesson when watching it the first time. He also said that it is important to have good intentions when creating AI, which is advice that many people should listen to as they continue down this specific path. Finally, he added that it is important to work together when facing any challenges, but especially with AI.

After considering these points, I think it is important to recognize not only the damage that AI does in Meet the Robinsons, but that it is only able to do the damage it was designed to do by its creator. It is important to realize that AI in the wrong hands can do much more harm than good, as is a theme with most things in life.


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  1. You’re so right – as AI develops, so do people’s opinions. I always forget that AI is not a new subject or concern. I love when children’s movies reference real subjects, especially when it takes a rewatch to notice. I don’t remember Meet the Robinsons much, so now I might have to rewatch it 🙂

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