Digital Storytelling Goals

Digital media has never been a strength for me, but I hope to improve that skill throughout the duration of this course. I enrolled in this course to fulfill a general education requirement, but I want to make an effort to get more out of the course than simply the credit requirements.

Most of the courses I’ve taken so far at Mary Washington have been pretty structured and detailed in terms of assignment expectations, so I have struggled a bit with less rigid expectations. This course, from my limited experience so far, will definitely challenge me and push me out of my comfort zone in that regard. Although it can be frustrating and intimidating at times, I think the best way to improve in any area of life is to get out of your comfort zone.

My focus so far has been on political science and I have recently added business administration as a second major. I am excited to see what connections I can draw between this class and my majors and how I can apply the knowledge gained from this class in my political and business studies.


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