Design Thoughts

I am not very big into design or movies as a whole. I have seen a few TikToks from people who are more savvy in this realm so I knew a little bit, but not a lot. I knew there was a lot of thought that went into movie posters, but I didn’t realize exactly why.

I learned that specific colors and layouts of movie posters can tell the viewer what the movie is about and what they should expect just by looking at the poster. There are also a lot of themes within different genres that I had not noticed before, but now that it was mentioned, I can definitely tell why they do certain things in the posters and pick up on some of the consistent themes. I found the Indie genre poster design especially intriguing since those are the types of movie that I tend to watch.

I did take photography classes throughout high school and I’m now realizing that the art of photography and movie posters are actually quite similar. The use of negative space is a very prominent topic in photography and seeing that in movie posters was very cool. Playing on the human psychology and putting the viewers eyes where you want them is crucial in photography and I’ve learned that it is equally as important in movie posters.

These videos make me wonder if some movies don’t do as well if the poster is not of high quality. I don’t decide whether or not to watch a movie based on the poster, but it impacts which ones I click on on streaming sites to learn more about, so I guess the poster does indirectly impact whether I watch the movie!


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