Demystifying AI

I started this assignment by choosing Stable Diffusion and Bing as my AI photo generators. My initial prompt was “Grateful Dead”. I got the following images:

I guess stable diffusion is not as aware of the Grateful Dead!

I advanced the prompt to “The Grateful Dead playing in front of a large crowd”.

These are the images I got:

Stable diffusion getting there, but still not too sure.

My next prompt was “The Grateful Dead in the style of Starry Night”. It was rejected by Bing so I changed it to “The Grateful Dead in the style of Picasso”. You know the drill – here are the images:

My “worst” image is the first stable diffusion image since it did not include anything related the Grateful Dead. The most impressive image has to be the original Bing Grateful Dead image since it had to pick up on the dancing bears and the psychedelic Dead theme.

I imagine AI generated art can be a threat to artists in some aspects, especially concert posters. After doing this assignment and seeing some similarities between the posters from concerts and the image that the AI generators put out, I definitely believe that could threaten some artists.


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