AI Pitch

This sales pitch is from me, not my character since he strongly opposes Aggressive Technologies.

The AI tool that AT should look into buying is called NightCafe. This AI tool is an image generator that offers users several different styles of art generation. It can generate 1, 4, 9, or 16 images for each prompt depending on what the user requests. I have found this tool very useful for many creative endeavors recently.

One of the best features of NightCafe is that it is essentially free to use. All you have to do is make an account and they give you a certain amount of “credits” for free. Each image costs one credit to generate, so the free credits are really free images. Each user can claim five free credits per day which allows people to continue to use the platform without paying. However, for those who wish to generate significantly more images, they offer paid subscriptions that give a certain number of credits per month based on subscription tier. The opportunity to use this tool for free, but also have paid tiers makes this a useful, yet profitable website.

They also include the ability to train your own model in 10-30 minutes, which adds a level of personalization that users might not get elsewhere. NightCafe’s layout makes it easy to use and keep coming back to, especially if someone trains their own model through this tool.

From a business standpoint, Aggressive Technologies would be wise to acquire this tool. The format of the website makes it user-friendly and profitable at the same time. I believe this type of image generation technology will continue to improve and be an increasingly profitable area of AI in the future.


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