Tag: AudioASsignments

  • Breaking News

    I decided to make some funny breaking news that (hopefully) will not happen for a very long time! I used Freesounds for the news theme and and AI text to speech for the reporter.

  • Poetry Reading

    I chose “Fear and Fridays” by Zach Bryan as my poem. I always love listening to poems written by musicians since it is an extension of their art and shows their talent without hiding behind music. Johnny Cash and Zach Bryan are some of my favorites, so here is my reading of the poem and…

  • Auditory Hell

    I went onto Freesounds and found dogs barking, glass breaking, nails on a chalkboard, and a record scratching to really emphasize how terrible sounds can be! Hope you don’t enjoy!

  • Radio Bumper

    I used Freesounds to find a guitar riff and added my voice over it to let the listeners know what they are listening to!

  • Sound Effect Story

    I decided to play around with Audacity and use Freesounds to tell a story about navigating the airport and a flight taking off. I had never used Audacity (or any other audio editor) before, so I found it somewhat challenging figuring out the formatting. I ended up just playing around with it for a while…